Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Crown of the Ivy King

This crown was worn by the High King of the exalted Vine Men in ancient times, when the Vine Men were still a great race. Vine Men perceive the wearer of this crown as their rightful king and will gladly serve him. The crown is of great help when awakening vine creatures in the forests and will increase the effect of the Awaken Vine Men and Awaken Vine Ogre spells. Animals confronted with the crown will feel its power and hesitate before striking. The wearer of the crown will also be resistant to poison and regenerate wounds very quickly.

Magic Item Data

  • Construction Level 8
  • Crafting Requirement 2
  • Gem Cost 10
  • poisonres 15
  • limitedregeneration 5
  • forest 1
  • ivylord 2
  • itemspell undefined
  • crown 1
  • animalawe2 5