Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

The Astral Harpoon

An ancient harpoon made of bone with a tip of rusted iron. Tied to it is an ominous silver string. No one knows who made this ancient weapon. Perhaps it was even crafted by Horrors, given what is known of its deadly powers. It will travel through the ether until it reaches the destination specified by its wielder, and there it will strike its target. Then, the user yanks the string and its hooked prey is pulled back through the ether to where the user awaits. However, he user must beware, for if the harpoon hits a prey too mighty, the prey might yank him through the ether instead. The skill used for utilizing the harpoon is a combination of strength and Astral magic, and being very strong usually trumps normal strength and mediocre magic abilities.

Magic Item Data

  • Construction Level 8
  • Crafting Requirement 5 1
  • Gem Cost 25 5
  • itemspell undefined