Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Magic Site Index

Index of magic-site entities in Dominions 5, and links to their respective pages.

Air Magic1

Air Magic2

Air Magic3

Air Magic4

Blood Magic1

Blood Magic2

Blood Magic3

Blood Magic4

Death Magic1

Death Magic2

Death Magic3

Death Magic4

Death Magic5

Death Magic6

Earth Magic1

Earth Magic2

Earth Magic3

Earth Magic4

Earth Magic5

Fire Magic1

Fire Magic2

Fire Magic3

Fire Magic4

Fire Magic6

Holy Magic1

Holy Magic2

Holy Magic3

Holy Magic4

Nature Magic1

Nature Magic2

Nature Magic3

Nature Magic4

Nature Magic6

Astral Magic1

Astral Magic2

Astral Magic3

Astral Magic4

Astral Magic5

Astral Magic6

Water Magic1

Water Magic2

Water Magic3

Water Magic4

Water Magic5

Water Magic6


Visible (Capital)

Visible (Throne)