Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

The Ravenous Swarm

This spell is sometimes used by nature mages to combat the undead. It is part of the natural order that the living finds sustenance from the dead, and with this spell the nature mage utilizes that and imbues a swarm of bugs with frenzied power and appetite to devour the walking dead. The swarm will consume the undead one after each other until the battle ends. Should the swarm fail to locate the dead it will start to eat the living instead.

(One undead target gets 7 AN holy dmg each combat round. If the target dies a new undead target is randomly chosen.)

Spell Data

  • Required Research Thaumaturgy 5
  • Required Magic Skill 3
  • Gem Cost 1
  • Spell Type Battle Spell
  • Effect Type Enchant Battlefield | Enchant World
  • Range 1
  • Casting Time 200
  • Precision 0
  • Fatigue Cost 100