Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Blood Vortex

This horrifying ritual creates the blood vortex. A churning pool of polluted blood that roars horrible yet terribly alluring songs. The song of the vortex is heard by all mortals in the world, whispering sweet melodies of death and carnage, beckoning all people to come bask in its crimson presence. Its song is especially strongly felt by those whose blood is suitable for blood rituals, summoning them to the site of the ritual. The mortals that enter its presence stare dumbfounded on the waves and swirls in the vortex, or throw themselves heedlessly to drown in the bloody swirls. The master of the ritual then collects suitable victims to use in other rituals. Eventually, when no life is left in the world around the vortex, it dries out and dies. Provinces with strong influences of order will be less affected by the beckoning and those with strong turmoil influences will be more drawn to the vortex.

Spell Data

  • Required Research Blood 8
  • Required Magic Skill 7
  • Gem Cost 166
  • Spell Type Ritual
  • Effect Type Enchant Battlefield | Enchant World