Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Chorus Slave

The witches and bards of Man have developed the spell singing techniques of the Tuatha further. Through communal chanting they are able to strengthen the arcane harmonies of their spell songs. Chorus slaves only follow the chant the Chorus Masters and are inactive during the battle. If a chorus slave loses consciousness they leave the communal chant. Only spell singers can cast this spell, but regular communion masters can use chorus slaves.

Spell Data

  • Nations MA Man - Tower of Avalon
  • Required Research Thaumaturgy 1
  • Required Magic Skill 1
  • Spell Type Battle Spell
  • Effect Type Bless/Buff (Type I)
  • Range 0
  • Casting Time 100
  • Precision 0
  • Fatigue Cost 20
  • Works Underwater true