Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Contact Jorogumo

The caster contacts and makes a deal with a Jorogumo, a supernatural spider. In the enchanted forests of Mount Shinuyama live animals gifted with supernatural longevity and magic abilities. When an animal gets older and wiser it becomes increasingly more powerful. Jorogumos are golden spiders of the enchanted forests of Shinuyama who have reached the age of at least four centuries. At this age the Jorogumo acquires magical powers and the ability to shapeshift. The Jorogumo often takes the appearance of a comely young woman and uses it to lure young men and trap them in their webs. Many Jorogumo live in waterfalls and drag their victims to their deaths in the cascading water. The Jorogumo is attuned to magic and its powers are greater where magic is strong.

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