Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Contact Houri

The Malika contacts a Houri and persuades her to use her skills to infiltrate and seduce the enemies of the awakening Lord. Houris, The Fair Ones, were once concubines and entertainers of the Sultans of Old Ubar chosen for their beauty and exquisite manners. The Houris lived sequestered lives in Jannah, the enchanted garden of Ubar, and were rarely allowed to leave their paradise unless tasked by their Sultans to perform a special mission. When magic dwindled and Ubar lost influence most of them dispersed and fled, but a few Houris remained, clinging to the residual magic of the Garden. Houris are Jiniris and share the traits of pure-blooded Jinnun, such as glamour, invisibility and a strong connection with magic.

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