Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Summon Rusalka

The caster approaches a river or lake where a young maiden has drowned herself and summons her dead spirit. The Rusalka is the spirit of a young woman that committed suicide by drowning herself after being scorned by her lover. She must now haunt the waterway where she took her life. The Rusalka has the appearance of a young, pale and beautiful naked woman with green eyes and green perpetually wet hair. The Rusalka is not necessarily malevolent, but she likes living men and will come out of the water at night to climb a tree and sit there singing and combing her hair, anticipating unwary wanderers to snare with her songs. Handsome passersby will be invited to join her in singing and dancing and will be brought into the watery abode of the Rusalka. The Rusalka has some skills in Water and Death magic and is able to bring her companions with her under the waves.

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