Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Parting of the Soul

Since the pollution of the Cleansing Flame, funerary pyres are strictly forbidden in Caelum. Instead, dead bodies are placed in roofless Towers of Silence where birds of prey tear the impure flesh from the bones of the dead. When the bones are bare, the soul is free to meet with its Daena, the manifestation of the inner self. This spell mimics the migration of the soul after death. First the soul is ripped from the body, rendering the body unable to move. Then birds of prey descend from the skies to feast on the flesh of the soulrent body. Since the body is not yet dead, the soul will return to its body unless the birds have killed it while the soul was gone. Birds of prey will attack the target, regardless of the success of the soulrending.

Spell Data