Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

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The mage-priest collects a newborn child and ventures into the woods to attract a Tlahuelpuchi and propose a pact. Tlahuelpuchi are bloodsucking witches who are able to take animal shape. In animal form, they stalk villages and wait for newborn babies, their favorite food, to be left alone. When a Tlahuelpuchi finds such a child, she transforms back to human shape and gorges on the blood of the newborn. Tlahuelpuchi can be persuaded to use their skills to get close to men of influence and assassinate them. They can perform a strange ritual in which they remove their feet and start flying. They use this ability to travel swiftly and far. Tlahuelpuchi are creatures of the night and have perfect darkvision. In animal shape, their stealth is unsurpassed.

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