Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Summon Dai Oni

This spells summons a mighty demon king from the Netherworld. These Dai Oni are huge and command vast magical powers. They rule by fear and swift, arbitrary justice rather than skill and their lands are often torn by civil wars and uprisings. This matters little as Oni are almost immortal. The Dai Oni delight in warfare and are often found in the front ranks of their armies, butchering enemies. Dai Oni are violent and rather thick-headed. While magically powerful, they are not clever enough to be good researchers. Unscrupulous human sorcerers are given gold and magical power in return for their services. Oni don't need to eat. However, they have tremendous appetites and like to eat and their human servants are often left starving if food is scarce. Oni are almost immortal. If their body is slain, their spirit will survive. If the spirit is not slain or banished as well, it will reform a new body over time. Their residual spirit form is a ghost and can be banished.

Spell Data