Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Bind Penumbral

An Oracle of the Dead ventures down to the deeper reaches of Agartha and the Chamber of the Seal to summon and bind a Penumbral. Penumbrals are shadow beings resembling Pale Ones with elongated faces and drooling mouths. Agarthan legends claim that they are the souls of those who sacrificed themselves to seal the Chamber. The disturbing fact that they have become more numerous has led some to believe that the Seal is weakening.

Spell Data

  • Nations EA Agartha - Pale Ones
  • Required Research Conjuration 3
  • Required Magic Skill 1 1
  • Gem Cost 1
  • Spell Type Ritual
  • Effect Type Summon
  • Summons Penumbral
  • Works Underwater true