Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Revive Cavern Wights

Since the planning of the War under the Sun some Oracles of the Dead has begun experimenting with summoning of the dead. With this ritual an Oracle of the dead summons the souls of a few Pale Ones and makes them repossess their mummified bodies. The corpses of Pale Ones are entombed and well cared for and their souls are generally calm. Reviving them is remarkably difficult and time consuming. So far no one has tried to awaken the soul of an ancient Pale One.

Spell Data

  • Nations EA Agartha - Pale Ones
  • Required Research Conjuration 3
  • Required Magic Skill 1 1
  • Gem Cost 8
  • Spell Type Ritual
  • Effect Type Summon
  • Summons Cavern Wight
  • Number of Effects 3