Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Magic Duel

By use of this spell, one Astral mage challenges another Astral mage to a mental duel. At most one of the mages can survive this duel. The most powerful Astral mage is also the most likely winner. This spell cannot be used by or against mindless beings and it can only be used against Astral mages.

(Each mage rolls a d6 (not open ended) and adds his unmodified astral level. The winner lives and the loser dies, a tie results in both mages dying.)

Spell Data

  • Required Research Evocation 3
  • Required Magic Skill 1
  • Gem Cost 1
  • Spell Type Battle Spell
  • Effect Type Magic Duel
  • Range 100
  • Casting Time 125
  • Precision 100
  • Fatigue Cost 100
  • Works Underwater true