Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Perpetual Storm

An enormous storm will rage constantly over the entire world. This will reduce the income of all land provinces. Supplies are scarce, as transportation is difficult and sailing and flying is impossible. All mountain passes are unusable during the perpetual storm and shooting in battle is very difficult. Evocations cast upon distant provinces might fail as the magical gale pushes the projectiles out of their trajectory.

(All battles are affected by storm. Income -20% in all overwater provinces. Map movement costs are increased by 2. Far-attack spells such as Fires from Afar have a 25% chance of missing their targets. Seeking Arrow has a 75% chance of missing its target.)

Spell Data

  • Required Research Evocation 6
  • Required Magic Skill 5
  • Gem Cost 70
  • Spell Type Ritual
  • Effect Type Enchant Battlefield | Enchant World
  • Works Underwater true