Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Wind Ride

The Air mage summons a whirlwind in a province of his choice. The whirlwind will try to find a commander in the province and transport him to where the Air mage is located. This spell is an effective way to rescue cornered commanders, but it can also be a very effective way to get enemy commanders out of the way. Large beings are difficult or impossible to lift and might fall to the ground somewhere along the way, possibly dying upon impact. Powerful Earth mages are likewise difficult to transport.

(Size 6 targets, Earth mages with skill 4 or more, and Ethereal beings are impossible to lift. Skilled Air mages will take less damage falling damage if the spell drops them on the way.)

Spell Data

  • Required Research Conjuration 5
  • Required Magic Skill 5
  • Gem Cost 10
  • Spell Type Ritual
  • Effect Type Wind Ride
  • Province Range 3