Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Hidden in Sand

This spell can only be cast in a waste land. The caster locates and releases a Dust King and his entombed servants hidden underneath layer upon layer of desert sands. In the beginning of time the first humans lived in scattered tribes. But with the influence of supernatural powers, civilization dawned upon mankind. Small kingdoms formed and order was established. These kingdoms and their rulers emerged and disappeared in quick succession. Driven by fear of being dead and forgotten, the kings built tomb palaces to create resting places where they could live on eternally. But with time came dust. The palaces were covered with sand and their memories forgotten. Inside the tombs the ancient kings and their soldiers still live on. If cast in a province of order a king with more warriors will be released. If cast in a province of fortune or magic, a king with more priests is likely to be found.

Spell Data