Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Communion Master

The mage who has cast this spell can use the magic power of the mages who have cast Communion Slave. The fatigue that comes from casting spells will be distributed among all communion members and the communion master will also be able to cast more powerful spells than he could alone. While in communion, all spells that only affect the caster will also affect all the communion slaves. A communion with two communion slaves will grant all masters one extra level in all their paths, four slaves will grant two levels, eight slaves will grant three levels, and so on.

Spell Data

  • Required Research Thaumaturgy 1
  • Required Magic Skill 1
  • Spell Type Battle Spell
  • Effect Type Bless/Buff (Type I)
  • Range 0
  • Casting Time 100
  • Precision 0
  • Fatigue Cost 20
  • Works Underwater true