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Logrian Slinger

Logrian Slinger (idle)Logrian Slinger (attacking)

When human tribes first arrived in the land of the Tuatha they were few and came in small groups. Small tribes led by warrior shamans settled among the Fir Bolg and brought iron and steel to the land. They called themselves Logrians and shared traditions, but little else. When the Milesians invaded Tir na n'Og and the land of the Fir Bolg, the Logrians and their shamans grabbed the opportunity and expanded their territory. Soon an invasion to rival the Milesians hit the Fir Bolg. When the Fir Bolg were defeated, petty kings laid claim to the land. They called their kingdom Logris, but the realm would not unite under one king until the witches came. While the old Logrian blood is diluted and weak, there are still many villages that cling to their old legacy. Since the emergence of the witches, the pureblooded Logrians and their shamans have withdrawn to the lands beyond the witches' power. Logrian slingers and are of larger stock and carry axes, the traditional weapon of the Logrians.

Unit Data


  • Nations MA Man - Tower of Avalon
  • Unit Type unit
  • Gold Cost 9
  • Resource Cost 8
  • Upkeep / Turn (Monthly) 0.60
  • Upkeep / Year 7

Combat Stats

  • Hit Points 12
  • Size 2
  • Protection, Head 18
  • Protection, Body 9
  • Magic Resistance 10
  • Morale 10
  • Strength 11
  • Attack Skill 9
  • Defense Skill 8
  • Precision 10
  • Combat Speed 12
  • Encumbrance 3

Commander Data

  • Leadership 40
  • Random Magic Paths

Magic Item Slots

  • hand 2
  • head 1
  • body 1
  • foot 1
  • misc 2

Unequipped Stats

  • Protection, Natural 0
  • Attack (Base) 9
  • Defense (Base) 9
  • Encumbrance (Base) 3