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Fomorian Giant

Fomorian Giant (idle)Fomorian Giant (attacking)

The Fomorian giants were once guardians of the dark ocean realm of the watery dead. But with death ever near, their loyalties changed and their malice grew. From mist-covered palaces of ice and bones they sailed upon the world of the living to plunder and slay. But with the ascendancy of a previous Pantokrator, they were punished for their misdeeds. Cursed with monstrous appearance and banished from their dark home, they were forced to settle in the world of the living. The full effects of the Curse became evident when the Fomorians settled in a fertile land. Their offspring were short and cursed with the heads of goats and far shorter lifespans. The few surviving Fomorian giants saw their once proud race degenerate and die. Then came the invasions. Partholonians, Nemedians, Fir Bolg and Tuatha came and claimed the land of the Fomorians. Only with cruel magic did the Fomorians survive the onslaught. Fomorian giants are one-eyed monsters of tremendous strength. They use ancient armaments of bronze. The few surviving Fomorian giants are sacred to the population of Fomoria. Fomorian giants are able to enter the oceans whence they came.

Unit Data


  • Nations EA Fomoria - The Cursed Ones
  • Unit Type unit (cap only)
  • Gold Cost 75
  • Resource Cost 37
  • Upkeep / Turn (Monthly) 2.50
  • Upkeep / Year 30

Combat Stats

  • Hit Points 64
  • Size 6
  • Protection, Head 6
  • Protection, Body 18
  • Magic Resistance 15
  • Morale 14
  • Strength 24
  • Attack Skill 11
  • Defense Skill 12
  • Precision 8
  • Combat Speed 18
  • Encumbrance 5

Special Properties

  • amphibian 1
  • coldres 5
  • darkvision 50
  • holy 1

Commander Data

  • Leadership 40
  • Random Magic Paths

Magic Item Slots

  • hand 2
  • head 1
  • body 1
  • foot 1
  • misc 2

Unequipped Stats

  • Protection, Natural 6
  • Attack (Base) 11
  • Defense (Base) 10
  • Encumbrance (Base) 2