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Asherite Soldier

Asherite Soldier (idle)Asherite Soldier (attacking)

The tribe of Asher is one of the smallest tribes. They have little contact with the other tribes and have prospered from trade with foreign nations. Exposure to foreign powers has forced them to defend themselves from conquering armies and the Asherites are known for their skill in warcraft. They have also adopted weapons and armor of foreign manufacture. The lords of Gath have kept iron-smithing from their human subjects and the Asherites are the only tribe to date to use iron weapons. Their traditional color is olive green and they often paint olive trees on their shields as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Their lands are fertile and pleasant and the Asherites are not used to the harsh and dry climate of the central lands.

Unit Data


Combat Stats

  • Hit Points 11
  • Size 2
  • Protection, Head 14
  • Protection, Body 22
  • Magic Resistance 10
  • Morale 12
  • Strength 10
  • Attack Skill 11
  • Defense Skill 14
  • Precision 10
  • Combat Speed 12
  • Encumbrance 8

Commander Data

  • Leadership 40
  • Random Magic Paths

Magic Item Slots

  • hand 2
  • head 1
  • body 1
  • foot 1
  • misc 2

Unequipped Stats

  • Protection, Natural 0
  • Attack (Base) 11
  • Defense (Base) 11
  • Encumbrance (Base) 3