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Ahu of the Kavi (Vata)

Ahu of the Kavi (idle)Ahu of the Kavi (attacking)

Vata is a Yazad of the sky who stayed behind when his kin left this world. The Ahus were Yazad generals of the Caelian clans and Vata was one of the Kavi Ahus. The Kavi tribe was blessed by the Mainyus of the sky and their heroes were archers of great renown. Vata led his Kavi warriors in the great wars with the Daevas, but he was wounded by a shooting star and fell from the skies. He was discovered by a Mairya woman who took him in and treated his wounds with purifying flames. When his body had healed he found himself stranded in a world bereft of Adorable Ones. Left without purpose, he followed the Raptor descendants of the Mairyas until they were approached by envoys of the last remaining Yazatas. Vata persuaded the Eagle Kings that the Raptors, with their Daeva rulers gone, were as lost as the other clans had been and should be accepted into the newly formed kingdom. Most of the Harab Seraphs had already abandoned the wicked ways of fire pollution and The Eagle Kings accepted their plea. When Vata had returned to Caelum he found the Kavi clan diminished and without pride. He decided to make the Kavi heroes once more.

Unit Data


Combat Stats

  • Hit Points 17
  • Size 2
  • Protection, Head 5
  • Protection, Body 18
  • Magic Resistance 15
  • Morale 15
  • Strength 13
  • Attack Skill 13
  • Defense Skill 15
  • Precision 13
  • Combat Speed 14
  • Encumbrance 5

Special Properties

  • awe 2
  • coldres 5
  • flying 1
  • holy 1
  • magicbeing 1
  • shockres 10
  • stormimmune 1
  • stormpower 3

Commander Data

  • Leadership 120
  • Magical Leadership 40
  • Holy Magic 2
  • Random Magic Paths

Magic Item Slots

  • hand 2
  • head 1
  • body 1
  • foot 1
  • misc 2

Unequipped Stats

  • Protection, Natural 0
  • Attack (Base) 13
  • Defense (Base) 13
  • Encumbrance (Base) 3