Dominions 5 GAMEDEX

Queen of the City (Makelo)

Queen of the City (idle)Queen of the City (attacking)

When Therodos was destroyed and the Telkhines slain or imprisoned, Makelo and her two daughters were spared. When her kin began to study stygian magic she warned them against the dangers and tried to encourage the study of healing magic instead. Unfortunately only her daughters followed her example and the Telkhine kingdom was afflicted first by the Telkhine Malediction and then by divine punishment. When Therodos fell underneath the waves Makelo fled to distant lands. She came to the former Therodian colony of Berytos and found that a primordial giant had claimed the city as his. She found Ba'al Hammon, the Melqart of the city, in every way as despicable as her old husband, the Telkhine God-King. She decided to stay and help the populace from the tyranny of the Melqart. She approached him and offered her hand in marriage. Ba'al Hammon recognized her vast magical powers and was flattered. Now the two of them rule Berytos as dual-monarchs. Since her arrival Ba'al Hammon has become less and less interested in blood feasts, and some of the Brides-in-Waiting, feeling out-maneuvered, are concerned that Makelo has her own agenda. Makelo is a Telkhine and is able to change her shape. In her demonic form she appear with dog head and flippers instead of hands and her powers over storms and the sea are increased. In human shape her skills in forging are increased. Makelo took no part of the Telkhine Malediction and she doesn't spread poison like her imprisoned kin. Instead she is a healer of remarkable skills.

Unit Data


Combat Stats

  • Hit Points 49
  • Size 4
  • Protection, Head 5
  • Protection, Body 5
  • Magic Resistance 18
  • Morale 30
  • Strength 18
  • Attack Skill 14
  • Defense Skill 13
  • Precision 14
  • Combat Speed 16
  • Encumbrance 1

Special Properties

Commander Data

  • Leadership 120
  • Undead Leadership 40
  • Magical Leadership 40
  • Holy Magic 2
  • Fire Magic 3
  • Air Magic 3
  • Water Magic 3
  • Earth Magic 4
  • Nature Magic 2
  • Random Magic Paths
  • magicboostA 1
  • magicboostW 1
  • sailingshipsize 999
  • sailingmaxunitsize 4

Magic Item Slots

  • hand 0
  • head 1
  • body 1
  • foot 1
  • misc 2

Unequipped Stats

  • Protection, Natural 5
  • Attack (Base) 14
  • Defense (Base) 14
  • Encumbrance (Base) 1

  • Map Movement 20
  • Weapon 1 Bite
  • startage 550
  • maxage 1000
  • heroarrivallimit 25