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Queen of the North (Malgven)

Queen of the North (idle)Queen of the North (attacking)

Malgven is the first of the Morgen. She was a Tuatha queen of the windy north at the time the Tir na n'Og conquered Kernou. Grandlon, one of the Kernou chieftains was given land and title by the Tuatha and he traveled to the far north where he arrived in the lands of the warrior queen. He was to her liking and together they made war upon the Fomorian giants of the north. After years of successful campaigns they returned to the lands of Kernou and founded the island city of Ker-Ys. When Gradlon grew older his queen returned to her lands in the north to once more wage war on the giants, leaving only her daughter Dahut behind. But time ravaged the lands of the north. Fomoria fell and so did Tir na n'Og. The Tuatha fled under ground and under sea. Malgven decided to return to Ker-Ys and her daughter, but Ker-Ys was swallowed by the sea and hid with powerful magic. Malgven returned to her barren land. For centuries she awaited the return of the Tuatha. When hope was about to fail her she heard that Ker-Ys had risen from the waves and that the descendants of the Tuatha had returned to the world of men. Malgven mounted her Morvarc'h steed and returned to greet her daughter.

Unit Data


  • Unit Type hero (unique)
  • Gold Cost 630
  • Resource Cost 33
  • Upkeep / Turn (Monthly) 21.00
  • Upkeep / Year 252

Combat Stats

  • Hit Points 17
  • Size 3
  • Protection, Head 20
  • Protection, Body 22
  • Magic Resistance 18
  • Morale 14
  • Strength 13
  • Attack Skill 16
  • Defense Skill 18
  • Precision 12
  • Combat Speed 30
  • Encumbrance 4

Special Properties

Commander Data

  • Leadership 120
  • Holy Magic 2
  • Fire Magic 3
  • Air Magic 3
  • Water Magic 2
  • Earth Magic 2
  • Random Magic Paths
  • inspirational 1
  • sailingshipsize 3

Magic Item Slots

  • hand 2
  • head 1
  • body 1
  • foot 0
  • misc 2

Unequipped Stats

  • Protection, Natural 0
  • Attack (Base) 16
  • Defense (Base) 16
  • Encumbrance (Base) 4